Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Bangalore Eagles than Phoenix Pigeons

One of the most amazing, and consistent sites I've had the privilege to see everyday I've been in Bangalore are the raptors. Black eagles, crest serpent eagles, black kites, all sorts of accipitrids... it is quite a site! In west Phoenix, and down-town Phoenix, the few hawks we have cannot keep up with the over-population of obnoxious pigeons. Here in Bangalore, these majestic raptors are circling, prowling, soaring, perching, all over the work campus, around and over my hotel, and everywhere I've been in Karnataka (Banglaore, Mandya, Ramanagaram, Mysore).

I've seen a distinct lack of mice, rats, pigeons, lizards, urban monkeys, and smaller birds. Also, all of the raptors have feathered heads - no vultures - that have been observed. Remarkable to see so many of these large, beautiful birds. I wish there were a few more hawks, and alot less pigeons in urban Arizona.

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  1. Did you run into Stephen Colbert's son Stephen Junior?


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