Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bangalore News Update

It's amazing what makes front page news here in Bangalore. A few excerpts, before I start my Friday:
"Bangaloreans gird up to ward off V-Day Kill Joys", The Times of India reports. This is the lead story, on the morning paper, headlined. Their local extreme fundamentalist - read "fundamentalist" as intolerant, extremist, rabid, openly judgemental - sect "Sri Rarna Sene", aka "Rashtriya Hindu Sena", headed by the charming and reasonable Pramod Mutalik, has publicly stated that "it has formed five teams. They will roam Bangalore with a video camera and turmeric stub. If they find young couples dating, they will force them too wed on the spot. 'The couples will be taken to a sub registar's office to solemnize the marriage.' " So the world's largest democracy has fanatical fundamentalists who want to impose their view points on others. Too bad I'll be back in AZ on the 14th.

"Mumbai's slums charm tourists more than Australia's sweeping scenery" - slum tourism is a new burgeoning business in India. Sick.

"Leopard Injures 4 in Kempegowda Nagar, Byalahalli" - Front page news for The Times of India hard copy. The online story has this quote that caught my eye "“I was on a stroll near my house when the leopard jumped on my face around 11 p.m. The big cat ran away as it was being chased by a group of residents,” said Lokesh, a resident of Kempegowda Layout." And Colbert thinks Bears are to be feared and "The USA Today" is the source for quotable news!


  1. I think this is the reason some westerners head out to Asia and end up staying forever. If you post about how you're extending your stay, you know, to see how valentine's day and the leopard scourge turn out, it will be time worry.

  2. If you extend your stay past Valentine's day you will have more than leopards to worry about when you come home......


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