Thursday, February 12, 2009

The door, or.... ?

In the vast Bangalore Office complex in which I worked for the last 12 days, each and every rest room door had a sign like this on the outside, seen before entry. I am Not Sure if it is intended for the door, or, as a warning of what not to do once inside. The Indian diet does include a great deal of fiber.

On the insides of the doors, were the following signs (on the men's room at least, not sure if the women were admonished about pulling) ubiquitously posted.


  1. I never noticed any overt pulling, or pushing going on in that restroom. My Indian colleagues never noticed the humour in it until I pointed it out. There was also a sign hanging over the entrance to the adjacent break room that read "Please Maintain Silence" - there was no silence there to maintain, as impromptu meetings and discussions always happened around the break room.


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