Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Peregrine In Our Park

In the park at the edge of the neighborhood, overlooking Laguna Hills, there's an ancient species of conifer that is a good 30 feet tall.  It rises above houses and surrounding landscape, and makes a perfect perch for a bird of prey to survey the buffet of food sources.  It is one of Dr Desert Flower's favorite trees.   One morning last week, DDF noticed this raptor on the top of the tree, and tried to take a picture of it first with her iphone, and then a few minutes later, excitedly with our Sony 7 megapixel (with Zeiss lenses and autofocus).

It was the right size, shape, and coloring for a peregrine, but it didn't flap its wings or fly away so it was difficult to definitively identify.  There are "so many birds" during DDF's morning walks...  and that's a very cool thing.

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