Monday, October 28, 2013

The Inexperience Of Youth

I was going to title this "The guy's nuts! Grab'em!" ... but you know, I betcha this squirrel fellow was somewhat inexperienced, and thought to himself: "I can reach that feeder, np!"  ...where more experienced / wily / savvy older squirrels would be like "no way man, you might get your sack caught holding on by just your back legs to reach out to the feeder...  too risky... and then what, you'll be hanging there upside down, suspended by the boys, waiting for a hawk to come eat all of you except for your trapped sack? No thanks. You go for it, and show me how it's done, young feller."

Besides, "The guy's nuts! Grab'em" might be trade marked by my friend Matt in Reno...   =)

It is sort of ironic that in an effort to get to the nuts (seeds), he's caught by the nuts.

Other appropriate titles:
- What a total nut job!
- Slippery When Wet
- Instead of trying to do it all by yourself, next time, ask your wife to help
- Colbert would be impressed
- "I got 1/2  of the metal hanger free, and almost knocked it to the ground, when I suddenly felt this terrible pain in my taint..."
- "Hello, is this James Franco? I'm sorta stuck here James, what do I do now?"
- The next time someone says "you don't have the balls to do that", they're going to be right.
- "das kleine Eichhörnchen" ... who said 'squirrel' was neuter gender?!? (das, as opposed to der [m] or die [f])
- the boys back in the will never stop chiding me about storing my nuts for Winter now
- "It only happens when it rains"

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