Friday, November 22, 2013

Rabbit Ridge, "Allure de Robles" 2012

Rabbit Ridge "Allure de Robles" 2012 was a less than $10 purchase from Trader Joes, purchased in part because we learned that the "dead looking" vines on an arched arbor outside of our family room window are actually living Syrah grape vines from Paso Robles Califonia.  Not being familiar with Paso Robles wines, I bought this Syrah to begin some extensive sampling.

It was not a bad wine.  A little bit fruity, but not overly sweet, both Dr Desert Flower and I enjoyed it.  I'll likely buy it again if I see it at the store.  And I am looking forward to harvesting the grapes growing on the arched arbor.  The former owners said that the arch used to be thick with grape wines and heavily laden with fruit.  An apple tree growing nearby still has evidence of the vine's tendrils having "reached out" to "grasp" several of the apple tree branches in previous growing seasons.

But no, I am Not going to "make my own wine".  The equipment, patience, cost, and quality needed to make delicious wine is best left to those countries and regions who have refined their techniques over the centuries and whose governments assure and control the best quality (France, Italy, Spain, for example, and Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Portugal, and the Republic of California as well).

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