Saturday, November 30, 2013

Blue Diamond Smoked Delicious Evil

Earlier this year, at a neighbor's home in Laguna Niguel, we were introduced to the smoked delicious evil that are Blue Diamond smoked almonds.  We were having drinks at our neighbors' home when one of them innocently opened a can of these addictive nuts.  Though I'd eaten dinner a few hours earlier, I Devoured the nuts, voraciously... or as my buddy Matt would say "we could get you a feed bag if that would be better Joe".  Picture a more mannered "Cookie Monster" and you can easily see where I was going with the nuts.

A few days later,  Dr Desert Flower and I were out shopping at a local grocery store, and we came across this large 1 pound bag of Blue Diamond "smokehouse" almonds.  We bought it, ate it all in one weekend, and then bought some more.  They're delicious, addictive, but Terrible for you.  Yes, almonds are a rather "healthy nut" and have a pretty good PUFA ratio to them, and are a healthy snack when eaten in moderation.  But take an almond, cover it in HFCS, salt, polyunsaturated oils to make things stick to it, and "smoke flavor" and you've engineered a mouth watering, hypothalamus targeting, finger-licking-good treat that clogs the veins and arteries while flushing out the lower GI tract with all that synthetic oil.

"Irresistible Snacking!" - certainly
"Smart Eating" - not if you have more than a very small handful of these...  no
"2g net carbs" - well...  with the amount of synthetic oils and additives, carbs are the least of your concerns

They are amazingly tasty, but I'm making a conscious & conscience effort to not buy them anymore.  And if I am at a holiday party where they are being served, to avoid devouring them like a Cookie Monster in a cookie factory.

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