Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Laguna Rainbow - Post Closing

The day after we closed on our home in early October, I saw this rainbow when I walked out of Home Depot

It was a lovely sight.  No rain at all on my car, but it was raining between me and Saddleback Mountain, where the clouds and rainbow occurred.  Very cool.

And below the rainbow, in the foreground, is the first, and only "In and Out Burger" where DDF and I have ever eaten.  We went in on a Saturday or Sunday, some time in early October, after hearing every one RAVE about how AWESOME In-and-Out-Burger was.  The parking lot was jam packed.  The drive through crawled around the building.  We went in, and found the place to be standing room only, every seat taken.  Placed out $7 order (for two burgers) in less than 2 minutes, and then waited for nearly 20 minutes for the platoon of high school student fry cooks to prepare our order.  There as a Boy Scout troop, several sports teams, and a bus of developmentally disabled people there all at the same time, which I am sure slowed down our food prep time...  but...  the burgers were not exceptional, and we don't understand the devoted loyalty people have to In-and-Out.  It was "OK" at best.  The rainbow was far better.

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