Thursday, November 14, 2013

Nightstand Face-plant

When you move into a new house, make sure you put the night stand EXACTLY as far away from the bed as it was in the previous house.  That is, far enough away, that when you roll over at night, and out of bed, during a dream sequence where you are scaling a wall and climbing over the top of it, when you LAN on the "other side" of the wall, it doesn't involve face planting your eye into the corner of the night stand.

This resulted in a 330am trip to the emergency room, which cost me out-of-pocket (even with corporate insurance) a $1000, plus another $150 to have the stitches taken out 6 days later.  Dr Desert Flower was nice enough to drive me, calmly, to the ER, 2 miles away.  I am glad I did not lose my right eye.  There was enough blood pooling initially in my hand and the corner of my eye, that I'd thought I'd lost the use of the eye.  Luckily, that was not the case.

So if you have night stands with sharp corners, and you move, make sure you place the night stands SO CLOSE to the bed your head can't fit between the edge and the mattress, or, far enough away that when you clumsily roll out of bed, you miss impacting the night stand all together.

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