Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dawn, on the Laguna Hills non-Plain

When I was a kid, Mutual of Omaha used to run shows on Sunday night that I watched whenever I was visiting my grandparents in Calumet City.  There was an episode "Dawn, on the Serengeti Plain" that I can recall vividly, even 40 years later.  Even as a small kid, it gave me an appreciation for the beauty of what a dawn could be.

In our previously rented house, my home office was behind the garage, next to the garbage dumpsters (and their smell), with a view of the neighbor's house about 3 meters away.  Dawn came everyday, and I saw light filtering through the blinds, but I never saw the actual sky, or had anything resembling a "scenic view".  Then we moved to Laguna Hills.

This was what greeted me Tuesday morning.  I call it a "furnace sky" in that I've seen many a steel mill, forge house, heat treater's furnace, kiln, and smelter…  and the sky, when it gets an orange / pink / yellow hue, reminds me of an industrial furnace heated up to neat 2000 F. 

I'd say the office and view are a "significant upgrade".  It gives me an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world, and I am delighted to be able to share it with you, the visitors to JustJoeP.

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