Thursday, November 21, 2013


Back in September, I saw a conveniently placed stand of Zevia canned beverages at my local Whole
Paycheck store, near the cash register check-out aisle.  Intrigued, I put on my reading glasses, and reviewed the label.  No sugar, no aspartame, no artificial sweeteners at all, just Stevia.  They had Cola, Ginger Ale, and a lemon-lime flavor, in canned six packs.  $5 a six pack seemed rather steep, but I wanted to try it, so we got a Ginger Ale six pack.

I had some on ice.  I had some with whiskey.  I had some with a vodka drink.  I added some to a banana rum drink.  It was quite tasty.  If I see Zevia out at a store or restaurant, I will likely purchase it again - I won't go out-of-my-way to find it, but if I stumble across it, why not have some zero calorie, tasty bubbly soda?

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