Monday, February 18, 2013

Rockin' Fish's Obsolete Online Menu & Ballast Point

Dr Desert Flower wanted to go to see "The English Beat" on Saturday night, who were playing down in Laguna Beach, about 30 minutes from our house.  Sadly, I was stricken with a severe sinus infection that had turned my nose into a non-stop mucus generator, and my upper respiratory tract into a massive multiple sneeze machine.  I was in no shape to go to any kind of concert, but I agreed - hanky in hand - to try and eat a meal with her at Rockin' Fish in Laguna Beach.  DDF had see Rockin' Fish when we've eaten at C'est La Vie in the past, right across the street, and has wanted to go since we moved here last year.

Luckily my nose stopped running long enough to park the car, walk into the establishment, and order some food.  Because of my aging eye sight, I always try to look online at the menu before heading to a new place.  Rockin' Fish has an very detailed menu on their website, and I was delighted to see the Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter (brewed in San Diego) listed.   I was all set to try a new porter... even with greatly reduced taste bud sensitivity.

The waiter approached, I ordered from memory, and received the response
"we haven't had that for about a year now."
"About a year now? Your website lists it."
"Yes, we have a problem with the website"
Then the waiter piped up "if you're looking for an IPA...." ...I cut him off.
"No, I am not at all interested in a hoppy IPA.  I don't like them.  What do you have that is not brewed by a soul-less, purely-for-profit, no-love-of-the-beer-or-those-who-produce-it, beverage; one that is a high quality, locally brewed beer?"
DDF laughed to try and inject a little levity, since I was coming across as somewhat of an irate ass - cold enhanced and all - and I lightened up.

The waiter offered the "Bootlegger's "Old World Hefeweizen", out of Fullerton California.  Since Franziskaner got corporately bought out, I'd stopped drinking Hefeweizens, but my buddy Matt and I always used to enjoy a good Hefeweizen together back in South Carolina and then in Nevada, so I thought, why not?   It was pretty good - served in a Stone Brewery etched glass even - but it was not the porter I had hoped to sample.  The meal was fine, Rockin' Fish is not a bad place, they just have an obsolete online menu that they truly need to update.
No longer deciduously impinged

So Sunday, on my way back from the Farmer's Market in Laguna Niguel, I stopped at my local Ralph's, who have one of the best grocery store craft beer selections, and much to my surprise, I found a selection from Ballast Point - Amber Ale Calico.  I thought I'd give it a try (they also had a Ballast Point IPA, which I didn't even glance at twice).

After trimming a deciduous tree that was impinging upon a trio palm trees in the corner of my yard, I popped open the cold Ballast Point, and soaked in the hot tub.  HOPPY after-taste, that lingered and lingered, or as DDF put it "like an old sweaty sock" - well... not as bad as a sweaty sock.  It was drinkable, but wow, it was hoppy.  Not what I had hopped for.  I will have to remain on the look out for the Black Marlin Porter.

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