Monday, February 25, 2013

Les Piliers Syrah 2009

Dr Desert Flower has developed a Petite Syrah proclivity.  She had a good petite syrah when she first moved to Orange County, and now she buys them whenever she sees one.  I saw a Bogel Petite Syrah in the wine rack last weekend, much to my dismay, as I bought a Bogel PS from Costco several years ago in Phoenix, and it was dreadful.  My hope is this newer vintage will be better.

But that posting will have to wait.  This posting is about a French Rhone, Syrah, Les Piliers 2009 (link here).  It was drinkable.  A little sweet (not so dry) and a little bit fruity.  I would not have bought it, as it was more than $12 (my internal hesitancy fulcrum at point of purchase - or rather, point of shelf-to-basket-selection).  2.5 stars out of 5 is "about right" in my perspective.

[this image is also my first attempt at "straighten" in iPhoto... sort of getting the hang of it]

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