Monday, February 25, 2013

Meursault 1993

The final bottle of white wine that we brought in a cooler from Phoenix to Orange County was a Meursault 1993, it's a French Cote de Beaune.  I could not find an exact match for it online, but the prices for a 1993 Meursault range from $60 a almost $500.  It was not only the last of the Phoenix wines, but the last of the Sebastien purchase I made 12 years ago, before my buddy Sebastien had to go back to Europe and could not take his cave with him.

The Meursault 1993, Le Bastion Des Dames De La Tour Bussiere (XV S), Patriarche Pere et Fils was buttery, smooth, with subtle fruit notes.  Delicious.  Dr Desert Flower and I enjoyed it with cheese and dried fruit in our new Orange County home.
 I look back with a great deal of fondness to the Sebastien stash of wine, savoured over more than a decade, enjoyed with family and friends, and I am somewhat remorse that the supply has ended.  It was a wonderful run while it lasted.

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