Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dumping the Koppel Hair Cut

Since the early 80s, I've had pretty much the same hair cut.  I call it the "Ted Koppel" (link here).  The Sr year college resumes I sent out had a little wallet sized of a 20 year old JoeP with the Koppel cut.  6 years after that when I changed jobs for the first time, again, another variation on the Koppel cut.  So now I am in Southern California, and the Koppel cut is rather antiquated.  Ted's a great journalist, I just need to divorce myself from his hair cut.

So the two variations I am considering are here:
link 1
and here:
link 2
I can't decide which one will work better... but either will be better than the perennial Koppel cut.

JustJoeP visitors and followers are encouraged to comment here... and voice their opinions.


  1. I recommend letting DDF choose. She's the one who has to look at it the most. If she refuses, get a hair stylist you trust and have them do what they think looks/works best with your hair. Or just get the clippers out and go low-cost, low-maint.

  2. The likes all three... so I am going to go with the option that requires the least "product". I am no fan of "product".

    I had the same person for 5 years cut my hair in Phoenix... and have yet to locate a Southern Californian stylist... but DDF has a place (next to an Ace Hardware, which I see a a plus) =)


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