Monday, February 25, 2013

Home Office Feline Flatulence Hazard

While it Can Be relaxing and stress reducing to have a sleeping cat in one's home office while working throughout the day and joining one serial conference call after another, when the cat is experiencing digestional distress, it can be more than a disconcerting.

I was minding my own business this morning, at 4:45am, on a call with my boss's boss, when all of a sudden, a fetid stench fills the air.  Has someone opened a sewer grate?  Is a portal to the lower levels of hell been conjured nearby?  No, it was the younger cat (the septuagenarian, not octogenarian) who was sleeping soundly, but passing noxious fumes in her slumber.  It was so strong, I almost vomited, tethered to my desk by my corded telephone head set, I could not escape.  Luckily, after a good 5 or so minutes, the cloud dissipated and I was able to breathe freely once again.  So to those of you who commute to an office, leaving your domestic pets behind, be grateful that you don't have to smell them throughout the day as they get older, and smellier.  =)

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