Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Get The Smaller Raw Honey Bear

I adore raw honey.  The micronutrients within it, and the full rich flavor, make it a tasty addition to Greek Yogurt, recipes, occasionally tea, and other things.  Honey is still heavily laden with sugar of course, so one cannot coat your food in it if you are watching your sugar intake, but a little dab here and there is great.

The Absolutely Delightful local Phoenix honey I purchased nearly 4 years ago in Phoenix took a long time to finish.  And I used a butter knife to get some of the final dabs out of the bottom of the bear, but couldn't get to the contoured recesses.   So this morning, lacking any fresh berries to put on my yogurt, I cut the head off the bear with an old serrated steak knife.  After the partial decapitation, I was able to scoop out the final 1/4 teaspoon dabs of golden deliciousness.

I doubt I will ever get another BIG BEAR of raw honey again.  The honey separates over time, slowly, precipitating the waxy solids to the bottom, which are too viscous to flow out of the head-mounted spout.  The little bear can be consumed in a reasonable amount of time (less than 4 years me thinks) and  if any solids precipitate out, they'll be able to be reached and extracted without resorting to decapitation.

(and yes, that is my new Mac, which  carry around the house (weighing less than 2 pounds as it does, and no thinker than 2 or 3 issues of Science magazine) as I prepare food during my work day - very convenient, since FM radio doesn't carry very well in mountainous Orange County CA)


  1. You should get honey in a glass jar. Then, when it starts to solidify you can warm it up in a hot water bath which will give you back your honey. rather than the crystal solids.

  2. now THAT would be thinking! Thank you Ame =) I shall endeavor to do just that on my next local, raw honey purchase.

  3. Wow, that's awesome. Honey is one of important elements in our Indian traditional medicine . One spoon of honey in hot water daily will reduce the weight, they say. I never tired though. And they recommend honey as alternate for sugar. In our village, they take honey from bee hive and give us... It's very risky task ....

    And your MAC looks very compact. MAC is not famous in India ...

  4. Sundar my friend, I am always amazed at how bee keepers can do their job and not get stung multiple times. The two bee stings I've gotten in my life (in my back yard in Phoenix and in SC) were both unpleasantly painful.

    While unrefined honey is great, and full of micronutrients and will not "spoil" or go bad over time (as long as botulism doesn't get in it, as the one exception) it is Still FULL of sugar. In a purely vegetarian diet, high in fiber, and low in fruits and the sugars the fruits carry, a spoonful of honey daily dissolved in hot water might not be a bad thing. But in a western diet, full of too many other refined sugars, intentionally adding a teaspoon of delicious honey would not help too much in weight loss or in avoiding diabetes or other metabolic disorders.

    The MAC Is Quite compact. =) It is thinner than many magazines, and very light. I love how it has no spinning hard drive to fail, using only flash memory - so I hope it last many years and gives reliable service.


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