Friday, February 1, 2013

15F In Niskayuna

I finished up my work day today with a conference call with Niskayuna New York.  Schenectady / Niskayuna was 15F - or as my researcher colleague put it "a brutal 15F here today".    I told him it was a pleasant 19 here...  Celsius  =)

So yes indeed, I did yoga at the beach.   As I write this, I am sitting in my backyard, watching the Rufous hummingbird male - who has claimed my yard and its 4 nectar feeders as his - chase away intruders and sing at the top of his tiny lungs, while I drink a La Fin Du Monde triple golden ale... mmmmm   delicious stuff.  [Brewed by Unibroue, Chambly (Quebec) Canada).  Yes, California suits me.

And using the handy pre-loaded program "Photo Booth" I will now share with you my very first "Photo Booth" photo, taken on my MacBook Air, here in my back yard, so that you can indeed see what La Fin Du Monde looks like, and buy one locally (at Trader Joes as I did, or elsewhere) for yourself, and enjoy this goodness.

Yes, that IS a map of Quebec on the 750ml bottle... (1 pint, 9.4 fl oz) though it is mirror imaged, since "Photo Booth" does not have an image editor to flip mirror images on photos.  =)

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