Monday, November 26, 2012

Totally Arrogant Bastard

As I watched da Bears deconstruct the Minnesota Vikings today, and handily beat them (sorry Tim), I continued the process of emptying the mini-fridge of all consumable beverages.  Way in the back, was a Arrogant Bastard Ale that I'd purchased over a year ago.  I got it because 1) my little brother, who bartends in downtown Chicago, frequents an establishment where all the bar keeps and waitresses were wearing Arrogant Bastard shirts with this same logo ("You're Not Worthy") when I was last in Chicago 2 Junes ago, 2) I really like the logo, and 3) every now and then, I like to try something other than Guinness in an effort to keep an open mind and maybe discover other enjoyable options.

Arrogant Bastard did not disappoint.  Somewhat nutty flavor, it was a full-bodied ale to my un-refined ale tastes.  Right when I opened it, Fox Sports decided to switch to the Atlanta / Tampa game, missing the entire 3rd quarter of the Chicago game... grrrrrrrr.  But I did have a nice ale in a frosty mug to enjoy.

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