Monday, November 12, 2012

New Minority

Yes, I am a white male, who is not on welfare, who voted for Barak Obama.

That's two, count 'em, two National Elections in  row, where I voted FOR A WINNER.

And to all the Republicans who want to cry sour grapes, and that 'America is full of people who want 'stuff' '  and who are blaming others for their own short comings... get over it.    That's the new norm.   White males are a dwindling minority.  

No such thing as 'legitimate rape', as a "white majority" anymore.   Never was such a thing as 'legitimate American cheese' (it's hydrogenated, it's fake, get over it).  Never was such a thing as "the good old days" (as in the 50s, when the South was still segregated and women were discriminated against in the work place and everywhere else).

(I am sorta liking this Air Book)

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