Monday, November 12, 2012

How did I get so lucky?

I realized this afternoon (I am a slow learner) that I am a very lucky man, to be married to a lovely young woman, who looks 15 years younger than me, makes 20% more than me, and who gets along with just about nearly everyone - while I am an old curmudgeon who really only young, inexperienced engineers like, and who all others keep at a distance or fear.

I will miss the Sonoran desert (interesting that the Mac Air Book RECOGNIZES the word "Sonoran" while my old Windows XP desktop doesn't know that the whiskey tango foxtrot "Sonoran: is.   ANd I will miss the solitude of being able to hike on all sorts of desert mountain trails where no one else can be seen for an entire day (as opposed to the California parks that are over run by tourists and natives).

So to all of my Arizona friends...   I bid you a fond farewell.   I enjoyed my 5.4 years in the Sonoran desert, but now I'll be living in the most Republican part of the Golden State, Orange County...   ugh, but the crime is low, and there's a hot tub (instead of a pool), and my wife is working in a much happier place where they appreciate her, and getting paid more than me!

BTW - Call of Duty II, Black Ops, with all the personalities in the TV ad... is really hilarious!


  1. Move will be exciting I'm sure. And still a warm-weather climate, so you don't need to restock snow shovels and driveway salt. I think you're also lucky to have a good job that allows you to (mostly) work from home, and so gives you a bit of flexibility in moves such as this.

    Buying or renting in Orange County? I'm looking forward to all the upcoming blog post observations on the new locale. Good luck with the move!

  2. We're renting in CA. Not going to make the same mistake we did in West Phoenix and buy before we understand the neighborhoods, real estate market, and the vectors in which they are headed.

    Btw - I still have a bucket of Driveway salt from when we lived in Bloomington, 16 years ago. I was saving it in case I needed to salt the fields of any defeated Carthagians. (and a snow shovel too... )

  3. That is a well-traveled bucket of salt!


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