Monday, November 12, 2012

Mac Store Curmudgeon

So DDF and I walked into the Arrow Point AZ Mac Store 2 days before I go to Dubai...  and one day after she resigned form her former employer who did not appreciate her, and I say to the "geniuses": "Ok, I am an old man who runs Windows Xp, where;s your most experienced, Mac Hating genius who has to deal with old grumpy men".  So after a 5 minute wait Tony Pizano (and a trainee in tow) approached DDF & I.  I told Tony "I am a XP Windows user, I don't like my iPad, I don't like Mac prodcuts, so tell me why I should by a Mac book.  DOn't worry. my wife has already decided on the Mac Book Retina Display 15 inch which she'll be getting.   So show me, how do I
- scroll
- print screen
- right mouse click
- show properties of all the WINDOWS items I want & need
Tony, and his observant trainee sidekick, patiently answered my questions.  OH! If only I knew to control option F2!!!!  The world, would have been my oyster!  (you know, in close up, oysters look like something much more humanly anatomical).

Anyways, Tony was able to thaw my Deep Freeze against Apple Products in general... and this week, after return from Dubai & India and making these blog posts on DDF's Mac Book.  I am convinced it is a better product than ANY pathetic windows device I used to deal with, I will likely REPLACE the Windows Xp desktop with a Apple Mac Book when I move to KALIFORNIA later this month.

I thank Tony for his patience, and I look forwards to using more Job's devices in the future.

WHY CAN'T I SCROLL ON APPLE DEVICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????


  1. Because you have it set up wrong:

  2. I didn't set it up. Some genius did, at the store (or at Foxconn in China).


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