Saturday, November 17, 2012

La Rose Pauillac

In the continuing effort to not have to move any of the wines we brought to Arizona in 2007 onto California at the end of the month, I've been breaking out the good stuff for dinner.  Last week saw La Rose Pauillac, La Rose Pauillac, Recolle 1996, Vieilli en fût de chêne (aged in oak barrels, of course), Mis en bouteilles a la propriete.  I bought it for for $18 a dozen years ago, and it goes for about $36 now online.  This old Bordeaux  went great with a Double Check Ranch New York Strip cooked to a red rare.

If I get a chance, you'll see multiple postings this weekend on wine & liquor.  Most of it French, but some of it Arizonian or Utah-ian.  All depends on how the packing goes, and how many times this ZT Windows Desktop crashes throughout the day, from which I ma making the blog posts as I pack up my office around it.

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