Monday, November 26, 2012

The Californians

As some (or most) of you may have heard, Dr Desert Flower and I will be moving out of Arizona and to California.  Actually, DDF is already there, and has established a residence in The Golden State several weeks ago.  We'll be renting a home there while we acclimate to the area, the housing prices, the higher taxes, and the real estate trends, to avoid making the same financial blunder that we did moving to west Phoenix 5 and a 1/2 years ago. 

I will miss the Sonoran desert and the ultra low humidity here.  I will also miss my pool  (though it is Not environmentally sustainable for a single family dwelling in the desert to maintain a pool, I know).  I'll miss being able to hike on trails where I see one or two other humans the entire day - California is so overcrowded - and the anthropomorphic saguaros that grow only in the Sonora.  And I will miss having an entire yard of crushed rock with no lawn to mow whatsoever.  I will not miss my anti-social & curmudgeon neighbors, nor the declining slide of the west side into a Romney-adise of formerly-short-sold renters with bad credit.  But DDF and I found (what we hope will be) a good property manager to handle our massively underwater Phoenix residence, who also takes care of our one friendly Canadian neighbor's Arizona properties when they are up in British Columbia.  Il faut voir, or, as they say in most of western Phoenix, ya veramos.

The packers come to pack in the next 4 hours. Then the truck gets loaded Tuesday.  Maybe it will be Tuesday night, or Wednesday night, when I will be in our new California home.  All depends on how fast the United Van Lines corporate movers will load the truck Tuesday.  Ya veramos.

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