Monday, November 12, 2012

Been a little busy

Well, it's the 12th day of November, and I have not posted anything.  Sorry followers.

I've been to Dubai UAE, and to Bangalore India.    I came home to find out that Dr Desert Flower and I are moving to Laguna Niguel by the end of this month.  I also have a MAJOR document that I have to complete before the 15th of November, for my boss's, boss's boss to give to the largest American Corporation CEO (other than Walmart & the government) for a massive document on the future viability of the corporation.. fun fun fun!!!

So it's been a little hectic.

I've decided that I will NOT be closing down JustJoeP after the California move.  

I WILL be drinking MOST (if not all) of the Bordeaux in our wine fridge before we move to Blue State California.

(this post brought to you by DFF's new Retina Display Power Book, while watching the tear producing, absolutely hilarious, Louie C.K. SNL from  week ago (while I was in Dubai).   TFF - Too F-ing Funny.  (Historically Insane)

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