Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What Can Be Carried Into Mexico

Shortly after take off out of Phoenix, on August 17th, USAir (AKA US Scare, if you fly into or out of Reagan National) handed out Mexican Immigration and Customs documents to all the passengers.  Upon reading the English version I bust out laughing.  Dr Desert Flower had the foresight to retain a copy of the instructions, so that I can post it here.  I highlighted some of the most amusing parts, and scanned it in this afternoon.

Some of my favorites are:
  • items to clean and entertain babies
  • a copy machine
  • two complete personal sports equipments [sic]
  • three surf boards
  • trophies or awards, provided they can be comfortably carried by the passenger
  • a treadmill and a stationary bicycle
  • five toys  (6 are just way too many!)
Just HOW exactly can a plane passenger carry some, or any of these, is completely beyond my comprehension.  A treadmill, really?  And a stationary bicycle?  Which boarding zone does one need to be in to get THAT in the overhead?  LOL!  Sure, a boat passenger or someone driving into the country in a U-Haul rental might be subject to these limits, but on a plane, it is superfluously silly.

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