Thursday, August 16, 2012


The United States is officially now, the fattest nation on the planet.  The Economist (link here) breaks it down, state by state. Consume, consume, consume, and remain sedentary my fellow patriots!  All the HFCS you could ever want!


  1. There is no doubt that 'Merkuh is fat and getting fatter, but there are problems with BMI system in general. I am 6'-1" and weigh 185lbs and am considered pretty damn fit, especially for my age. But that puts me at BMI = 24.4, which is almost classified at "overweight" (starts at BMI=25+). I would have to weigh only 165lbs to be the the middle of the "normal weight" range. Really - 165?

  2. yeah, by BMI I am "obese" but I have not been as healthy as I am now, since I was 25. So it is a flawed index, granted.


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