Monday, August 20, 2012

Jello Bird & Cognac-colada

Saturday and Sunday, Dr Desert Flower and I spent the afternoons sitting on the beach, in a chair under a grass covered hut-roof-umbrella-thing, drinking free alcohol brought to us by attentive wait staff.  It's a rough vacation.
View of the Executive Club pool and Ocean beyond, from o

After a daiquiri, a pinacoloda,  and a "Miami Vice" (1/2 daiquiri, 1/2 pinacolada - I learn something new every day), I began experimenting with rum combinations.  Havanna Club 7 year rum is awesome.  High quality.  No hang over.  Delicious stuff.  DDF go a drink called a "Yellow Bird", which of course, the bar tender and waitress pronounced "Jello Bird".  A recipe for  Jello Bird can be found here (link).  I had 2 or 3 Jello Birds (no hooves included) before the bars closed Saturday at 5pm (other bars remain open until 11pm or 1am, but they're farther from our room - and our room is fully stocked with free alcohol - LOL!).
The bottles stocked in our room, by request.

So Sunday, as I finished another 5 or 6 chapters of Guns, Germs, and Steel, I asked the bartender if he could make a pinacolada with Courvoisier instead of rum.  Yes, I know Cognac is supposed to be sipped straight, and not mixed with anything, but heck, it's all inclusive..  so why not?  It was, the best pinacolada I'd ever had, in the hybrid form of a Cognac-colada.  Highly recommended.

In another 5 years, if you want to join us for our 30th, and you can find a sitter for your kids, let us know.  We can come down as a group - the groups of 4 and 6 here appear to be having a Blast together.  And, it is $2k cheaper than going to Hawaii  =)

Now that our lunch is done digesting, we're going sea kayaking.  

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