Saturday, August 11, 2012

Conte Priola Chianti

I've been behind on my wine blogging, and have accumulated quite a stack of empty bottles in my office.  So we're going to do some house cleaning this afternoon.

Conte Priola Chianti DOCG bottled by I.P. Fossalta de Piave Italia 422/VE, is not bad.  We found it at Total Wine for about $10, and I had it with some spicy, tomato saucy, fully flavored, hearty dish a month or so ago.  yes, the Italians love pasta, but I abhor the gluten in wheat, so it was a meat and veggies dish, but I don't recall exactly.  Chianti, by definition, it about 95% Sangiovese grapes, and the Italians (like their French and Spanish cousins) know how to make a high quality wine when it comes along with governing bodies of regulation and quality control.  Bravo Conte Priola.

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