Saturday, August 11, 2012

Purity Ring, Fineshrine

Listening to XM radio all last week, I kept hearing Purity Ring played quite frequently.  Megan James' voice sounds like a little girl's in many respects, and my son, who saw them live at the South by Southwest music festival, said they were very good live.  He told me that in person, Megan is a tiny young woman.  The song Fineshrine has an alluring nature to it.  One can take it anatomically (which is rather gory), romantically (which is sort of sweet), or metaphorically (...about creation, or harmony, or whatever other connotations one might choose to assign).  I just take it in, and enjoy listening to it.  The video is visually stunning.   Included here:

If you liked this song, listen to Ungirthed, at the link here: link.  It's modern, contemporary, high quality electronica.

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