Monday, August 20, 2012

Mexican Barracuda

We snorkled in the shallows on the beach yesterday, and saw a 12-14 inch baby barracuda who was hunting little fishies in the shallow water.  Very cool.  Tomorrow, we go snorkeling on the 2nd largest reef in the world, one shallow session, and one deep session, where we are supposed to see barracuda, sting ray, manta ray, and other large fish seen normally in aquariums..  Il faut voir.

Sea kayaking this afternoon was fun, but the current and wind conspired against us to keep it less than an hour.  A good upper body work out for me  =)  .. and DDF did a good job paddling in the front of the kayak as well.  Lots of rum after kayaking..  and now off to a beach Caribbean buffet.  Plantains anyone?  =)


  1. Neat! I went snorkeling near Isla Mujeres in the late 80s. Was spectacular. Are you going to see the Cancun Underwater Museum as well?

  2. Pas de Musee. Maintenant, ja m'boir beacoup de Cuban Rum (Havanna 7 anejos) avant ma femme et moi vais departer au l'aeroport. Le content de alcohol dans mon sangre ("blood" en Anglais.. I have no spell check or ediing meechanism right now) prener notre visite.

    C'est une bonne jour aujourdhuit!


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