Saturday, May 26, 2012

Steak with a Side of Steak

I did a 10+ mile hike in the Estrella Mountains this morning from 6am to 1030am. The map shows it to be 9.4 miles, but, I happened to stray a bit off the main path. Not staying on the path used to worry me, but then I say This Hunting Map of the park on the official website, so the entire area is fair game now. I was hunting photos, not game, so there's no telling where I might have hiked.
Nice, since the ambient was in the 60s and 70s, and I needed some "me time".  When I got home, I grilled myself one of THE BEST lunches I've ever eaten on my patio here in Arizona...  or anywhere..  actually.  Two grilled Double Check Ranch grass fed, hormone free, happy cow, rib eyes, wonderfully rare, and a bottle of Joseph JANOUEIX Pomerol.  A steak, with a side of steak.  It was fantastic.

76 degrees Fahrenheit, 20% relative humidity, a light intermittent breeze, clear sunny day, at the end of May - when the desert is typically in the 100s.  A little too cool to swim, but excellent weather for sitting and listening to the birds, enjoying the breeze, digesting amazing steak, and savouring one of the best wines I've ever purchased and enjoyed drinking.
Grilled to perfectly Rare pinkness - when you KNOW who raised & butchered your beef, Rare is entirely appropriate.
As a finisher, Dr Desert Flower brought out some manchego cheese that had a cinnamon & port wine skin to it, with her meal, and we polished that off as well.

I want to enjoy every beautiful day I can here in Arizona.  Life is too short to not seize the opportunities one is given.


  1. It tasted phenomenal. I hesitated at first, to post this, as I did not want JustJoeP to devolve into a facebook-like "I'm having a sandwich at bruno's deli" mode, but the shear joy, the unadulterated masticating & tasting pleasure from the grilling perfection, combined with how healthy the quality cut of meat was and the complexity, full flavor, and superb quality of the wine, on a picture perfect afternoon all converged into an inexorable post.

  2. Hey, it's your blog, post whatever you damn well please!

  3. True... I just want to be trite or superfluous. When I first embarked upon this whole blog genre, I was leery of celebrities blogging and tweeting "I'm at this bus stop" or "I had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch". I thought "who the hell cares?" ... so I always try to add value, humour, insight, perspective... and not just extraneous info on JustJoeP. Chacun sa merde.


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