Thursday, May 17, 2012

I've Been a Cub's Fan, but...

I've been a Cub's fan my whole life, and never really liked the Chicago White Sox.  The games at Comiskey park I went to were plagued with Harry Carey's voice, the neighborhood was crime ridden, the games were all night games... so I grew up going to Cub's games.  Day games at Wrigley Field.  Jack Brickhouse was the announcer - until he died and then they brought Carey over, ugh.  But I always enjoyed going to a Cub's game, parking in the Catholic church lot, not having my car broken into when we got back... it's a nice ball park, and it used to have good owners.  But now this Rickett's guy owns it, and he's trying to buy nasty attack ads against Obama, race baiting him (link here).  Ew.  That sours my perspective on the place, the owner, the whole genre. 

Ricketts owns TD Ameritrade too... I'm glad I don't have any money with them.  I like making money too Joe Ricketts - I just don't like spending my money to try and tear down others because of my political ideology.

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