Monday, May 7, 2012

Il Bastardo Bistro

Il Bastardo Bistro, Jay Street, Little Italy, Schenectady NY

For lunch last Thursday, I foolishly tried to go to "Cornel's" on Jay street in Schenectady.  I'd heard it was good - but sadly they are not open for lunch.    Across the street, I saw "Il Bastardo's Bistro" - and I thought... 'wonder if they are open?'  ...  they were just opening at 12.  I surprised the bar tender, who was unlocking the front door.  It was a quaint little place.   They have live music on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights.  I asked if they serve lunch, and the bartender assured me they did.  I ordered hot wings and a chicken salad - which EITHER would have been a full meal, so I left stuffed.  Sadly, they don't take Corporate American Express, so I had to cash it out with Andrew Jackson and Alexander Hamilton.  They had an Australian Lindeman Shiraz, so I started with that.  It was good, a little fruity, but typical Lindeman.   1/2 way through the enormous grilled chicken salad, I asked for a taste of the Il Bastardo.  The bottle has a caricature of a portly Italian man, who the bartender said "coincidentally looks like the owner" .  It was a Sangiovese, and it was not bad, so I ordered a glass.  2 glasses of wne with a BIG lunch is the max safe alcohol intake for me if I am driving.  It was a $26 dollar bill ($33 with generous tip) and kept me full all the way to Detroit. 

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