Friday, May 4, 2012

Woodford Reserve Bourbon

Since Delta does not accept cash, and I tend to eat very frugally while on business travel, I've adopted the habit of getting a double Woodford Reserve on Delta flights, neat.  It's a very smooth Bourbon, and goes down nicely - facilitating blog post writing, as it did last night!   I'd open up my company Dell laptop, but the screen is So Large that the woman who has reclined her seat in front of me prevents me from doing any meaningful work - and besides, that's what work hours are for.   It's after 1030pm east coast time, and my flight was delayed "for weather" in Detroit - no, it's not weather Delta & Detroit, it's call very very very poor planning.  Really, only a 20 mile spacing over Fort Wayne is allowed?  Yeah, it sucks that there's only one way to fly from Detroit and Phoenix, and that is over Fort Wayne. No Other routes are possible, with all tose military bases and restricted fly zones all over northern Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.  Heavens to Murgatroy if we try to take off in some other direction! The pilot actually shut down the main engines and ran on APU for the air conditioning and lights, as we SAT on the ground for nearly an hour, in a line of 10, then 20, then 30 other planes, waiting to take off.  Note to self, never fly through Detroit in March-April-May if at all avoidable, in the future. 

 I did score the rare, lucky bonus of having No One sitting next to me in the middle seat.  Looking back at the whole 757, there appear to be 3 seas empty in the middle, and I've got one of them... probably one of the lucky bastardos who got bumped to first class was supposed to sit beside me.  I was 17th on the upgrade list, with 5 openings, according to the helpful Delta Customer service agents in Detroit.  So that empty seat beside me offered a tray table on which I can easily place my Woodford while typing on my tiny, incapable, low memory Asus Eee book.  I'm glad Delta offers a high quality bourbon n flight.   =)

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