Monday, May 7, 2012

DTW Mediterranean Grill

I had the pleasure last week, of dining at the Mediterranean Grill in the Detroit Airport A Concourse, on the North West sidem not far from Gate 64A.   The food is always fast, delicious, and hot there.   The service, provided by Scott the bar tender, is friendly, efficient, and personable.   I told Scott he's the happiest bartender I've met, and in the last 4 years of occasionally going through the DTW airport, he's a pillar of consistent quality, always enthusiastically greeting customers, selling "doubles for $3 more", and providing excellent service.  

I had the lentil soup (of the day) and it was warm and tasty - but came in a LARGE bowl, when I as expecting a small cup.  Then, the dinner sized portion of lamb stuffed grape leaves - exquisite!  It could come with a side of starch, or grilled veggies, and (of course) I elected for the veggies.   Far too much food to consume, but I ate most of the okra, zucchini & sweet peppers (with a beano chaser).  In, and out, in less than 30 minutes... again, putting the Desmond to shame.  I slept well on the flight from Detroit to Phoenix.  =)

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