Friday, May 11, 2012

North Carolina Buch Learnin

I spelled "Book" as "Buch" because that's how some twenty boxes of "Books" were marked by the corporate movers when Dr Desert Flower and I moved out of South Carolina fro the first time in 1994.  "Ya(h) shore dew have allodda booooks" the movers they dollied out the boxes into the moving truck.  South Carolina and North Carolina have similar demographics, economies, income distributions, and education levels.  So when I saw this graphic today, I could relate on a personal level, having lived in South Carolina for 16 years of my adult life, and knowing, working with, and befriending many Tarheels from North Carolina.  The whole state is not full of fearful idiots, but the rational thinkers are far out-numbered.
Stay in school, kids.

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