Thursday, April 26, 2012

Teeth Brushing As Snacking Deterrent

I've got a dentist appointment early tomorrow morning, and as I like to bias my health care provider feed back in a positive sense, I've been brushing and flossing and mouth washing many times a day for the last 2 days.  One things I've noticed, is that having a freshly brushed, flossed, and minty freshly rinsed mouth is a major disincentive to snack.  As I was eating a few stalks of organic celery with pine nut hummus this afternoon, I noticed it had been 6 hours since I sauteed organic leeks, organic orange sweet peppers, and organic spinach before I added them to two organic brown shelled eggs, and I'd not had a single 75% cacao chocolate square, or 72% dark chocolate covered almond, or a cup of (teeth staining) tea throughout the morning as I worked. 

I'd wanted to eat a dark chocolate square here and there, as I refilled my water glass in the kitchen, sure, but the thoroughly flossed, fastidiously cleaned set of teeth dissuaded me from breaking off a square, pouring any tea, popping an almond in my face hole.  I think I'm going to try and brush and floss more often than my normal "once a day" every week day - not just excessively, obsessively, repetitively during the 3 days preceding a Dentist visit.    And the "wanting" was not because I was HUNGRY, it was because the chocolate is yummy,  psychologically addictive, and present / visible in the kitchen.  As long as I stay away from the carbs, I don't get that DRIVEN HUNGER I used to always have when I started this blog.

I'm better off snacking on organic celery rather than chocolate covered almonds anyways.  =)


  1. I find that using a fitness tracker where I enter my food also keeps me in check. I've combined it with a digital pedometer that syncs with the application. Just entering the food makes me see the calories and other nutritional info, and affects my choices of what and when to eat.

  2. we silly humans... with our cranium encased neurons. How easily we are motivated by simple things =)

  3. We low-carbers often crave salt, because in the absence of blood insulin our kidneys easily dump lots of sodium and water, even to the point where many like myself have to supplement sodium daily. I find often when I am craving a snack it is because I am actually lacking salt, so I drink a warm cup of broth and that does the trick without introducing cabrs/calories that are not needed. It's kinda like Top Ramen without the poisonous noodles. Also helps with low-carb light-headedness, headaches, nightime cramps, and constipation. Taubes, Eades, Attia et al would recommend the same thing I bet.


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