Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back Yard Deck Is Better Than A Hotel Carpet

For the first time in almost 3 weeks, I was able to do yoga in my own back yard, and not in a hotel room.  There was a light breeze Friday afternoon with 10 percent relative humidity, in the upper 70s (F).  I'd gotten my work email inbox down from 1200 to less than 800 emails, and called it quits for the work week. 

The bees didn't care about me, as they were ga-ga over the fully blooming Spanish lavender, and mildly interested in the hybrid and French lavenders, snap dragons, petunias, violas, and honeysuckle.  The achey-ness caused by sitting in cramped coach seats from Atlanta to Houston, and then Houston to Salt Lake and onto Phoenix was still in my neck, and the hour+ yoga Friday helped to banish the remaining tension.  No hotel carpets of questionable cleanliness, no cramped quarters, no pre-dawn darkness, no Joe Scarborough (but the only down side, there was no Mika either).  Lots of fresh air, a clear blue sky with a few contrails in it, lots of birds flying by, children playing next door and laughing (that IS a very refreshing sound), lots of male birds calling out to potential mates "hey baby, I'm a great nest builder!" and "Hola chica, this is my territory.  Come on over, come on over, and Look at my plumage!".  Maybe, when I stood on one leg, some of my avian neighbors were calling to each other to chortle "what, he thinks he's a stork now?!? lol!!!" ... but I doubt it. Single male birds, looking for compatible species mates, don't have time to mock middle aged, bipedal apes.  Spring is awesome in Phoenix. I am very happy to be home, especially after such a trip as I just had.

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