Monday, April 2, 2012

Chateau de La Rivierer, 2007

Last Saturday night, I had the privilege of eating dinner with my buddy Ryan and his family.  From Trader Joe's, I'd brought a variety of bottles of wine for the weekend.  An Epicure Nero d'Avola that we opened Friday night  A Port de Bordeaux tht we opened Sunday night.  and a delicious Fronsac, Chateau de La Rivierer, 2007, that cost more than 3 of the other cheap Trader Joes bottles combined.  It was a wonderful pairing for the seasoned New York Strip steaks that Ryan grilled on his outdoor gas grill.  He seasoned the with a coat of extra virgin olive oil, and then rubbed salt and pepper in.  The NY Strips came from the Dekalb Farmer's Market, and were juicy, flavorful, and succulent.  Ryan's wife Alix made a organic three bean chili to go with the steaks (as she is a herbivore), and we dined together in their kitchen with their adorable 22 month old daughter Annabelle. 

The Fronsac had no shortage of tannins, and some sediment in the bottom of the bottle..  A truly impressive Bordeaux, it had some oak to, but not overwhelming like many Californian wines.  It was the Very First wine I ever had that had a definite bouquet of roses as soon as it was uncorked.  It was very pleasant, and I asked Ryan and Alix teach confirm that these were roses my nose were smelling, and concurred.  It was really a delightful bottle.

If you're looking for a higher-end red to go with a hearty meal, I recommend picking up a bottle of Fronsac at your local Trader Joe's, and celebrate its opening.

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