Sunday, April 1, 2012

Danthai & No Longer a Red Robin Virgin

My buddy Ryan took his family and I to Danthai in Lawrenceville GA this evening.   I raved about Danthai back in November (here) and it was once again, really delicious. We were (unfortunately) the only diners in the restaurant until 5 minutes before we were finished eating, when a lone diner came in and sat by himself.   They did do a brisk Take-Out business, throughout our dining experience.

Earlier in the day, Ryan introduced me to Red Robin.   Now, there's a Red Robin in Phoenix near the Costco that is within walking distance of my home, but I've never been to it.  It was 12:30 on a Sunday, and the Red Robin was hopping busy.  I had a sauteed mushroom burger, which was "bunless", wrapped in lettuce.  It was delicious.  So I am no longer a Red Robin virgin, and I will enjy taking Dr Desert Flower to the ones near us in Phoenix.   There were however, no thin people in Red Robin, other than Ryan and I.  Girth prevailed amongst the customers - though some of the wait staff were not obese.  Supposedly there are "unlimited fries" but we did not partake of this aspect of high carb dieting. 

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