Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chianti Pietro 2010

Are you ever looking for a good, inexpensive Chianti to go with a pizza, or pasta dish, or some other Italian or spicy food?  Well, the Pietro Chianti (D.d'I.O.C.G.), 2010, bottled by Filli Bellini, Rufina Italy and imported by Saranty Imports, Harrison New York might fit the bill at less than $6.  I picked up a bottle at Trader Joes, and it was a good Chianti. I am glad I did not have my glasses on when I bought it, as the back label "boasts" of "mushroom, berry, and dried herb aromas".  Um, no, I didn't taste or smell any "mushroom", and I am glad I didn't, since mushrooms are typically grown in wet, moist, decomposing areas, and like "old shoe", baby diaper, tobacco, and "smoke box" are not appealing flavors or aromas to me or those I share with at dinner. 

And yes, my eyes are old enough now, that small print looks like ants to me if I am not wearing my reading glasses.  but bifocals are a royal pain, and since my non-reading vision is perfectly fine, I tend to keep my glasses in my shirt or coat pocket, and only take them out to read a menu. 

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