Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pause Café Cognac

My dear friend Francois in France gave me a bottle of private label Cognac last year in March 2011 when I visited him & his family in Belfort.  Francois told me the Cognac was made specifically for a small cafe where he knows the owners as friends.  It was a truly delicious bottle filled with l'eau de vie (water of life). 

I truly enjoy Cognac.And the Pause Café bottle was exceptional.  I savoured it, and it took me over a year to slowly, finally,take it all in. 

Daniel & Joanna Bouffard's magnificently crafted beverage, 17520 St.Heurine France.  Truly delightful.  If you're ever in St. l'Heurine, be sure to have a taste, or buy a bottle.

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