Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not A Fan Of Team Jacob

I bought a bottle of Jacob's Creek Syrah and a Merlot from Sprouts last Sunday night. (I always try to purchase my alcohol on Sundays, to 'vote with my wallet' and counter-act the hordes of tea-totalers who put a misplaced reference on Sundays [pssst.. the 'Sabbath' was Saturday, christians]).  The wine was on sale, 3 for $10.    I'd had Jacob's Creek many years ago, and recalled it was not bad.  They've moved to screw topped bottles, and I unscrewed the Syrah Monday night.   Eww.  It intially had a "fragrance" of "old leather shoe".   Not so good.   It matured to a hint of cough syrup, and a strange "full blandness" that was not appealing.   For $3.33 I am not that worried about the financial loss, but I am disappointed that Jacob's Creek did not begin to live up to expectations.  I hope the Merlot will do better...  but I doubt it will.  I am not a fan of team Jacob's Creek.

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