Monday, April 16, 2012

Chateaux La Croix Pomeral Assists Octogenarian Felines

Way back in December of 2008, I mentioned Chateaux La Croix Pomerol (97) and how 10 years ago, Dr Desert Flower and I got a personalized tour of Chateau La Croix in Bordeaux.  I purchased a 1/2 case of the delicious wine at the time, and I took it as carry on - back when an airline passenger used to be able to carry on sealed wine bottles, and brought the wooden case in through Detroit customs in a small duffel bag thrown over my shoulder/  "1/2 cas red wine" my customs form read - and I was waived through by the customs official, since we were coming in from Paris simultaneously with a flight from Mumbai & another from Amsterdam, where the food sniffing and drug sniffing dogs (respectively) were eagerly waiting.  Anyone from Paris was uninteresting the humans and canines in customs.

Well, our older cat is now not-so-confident in her ability to make it up to the couch in the living room or futon in my  office, so I put a copier paper box on the floor in my office as an intermittent step for her to get 1/2 way up.  But in the living room, I knew Dr Desert Flower would not like a Big Red Staples box, glaringly visible between couch & television.  So I looked around the house, and found this old wooden Bordeaux wine case.  Our Octogenarian Feline loves this wooden box, and since she 'owns' the couch, she uses it to get up and down many times daily.  And it looks stylish in the living room, reminding us of how we spent our 15th wedding anniversary enjoying truly delicious wine and company of the some of the nicest people we've ever met who opened their home to us for a whole week.  And now, this wooden artifact of that visit, has a new life in helping our aged feline in her sunset years.

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