Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Actual Playlist

Sure, if you go to a live concert, you can find the song play list online.  I used to try and TEXT myself the playlist (as I did at the Puscifer concert with my buddy Ryan [link here] from the Greek Theater)... until Dr Desert Flower showed me how you just google it and BAM, it shows up... like Soundgarden (link here) and NIN (link here).. making me feel somewhat foolish that I wasted my time during the concert to actually text myself.

But last weekend, I wanted to surprise my bride of 27 years, Dr Desert Flower, with a trip to somewhere we'd never been.  After asking her if her feet and knees were feeling like dancing (and she confirmed they were) I told her to get dressed in a retro outfit...   and I would surprise her.   My best buddy Ryan had told me about a "Totally 80s Bar and Grill" in Northern Orange County, that he'd heard about via The Facebook from a former co-worker (or neighbor? ... unclear) ... and even though it was a good 30 minutes away, they had a pretty appetizing menu and opened at 5pm (closing at 2am) so I surprised DDF.  She dressed in a hot outfit, and I dressed like an 80's Don Johnson in a white cotton sport coat and teal t-shirt.  We drove to Fullerton. (had it not been for Ryan, and The Facebook, we never would have known about the place)

Upon arriving, the door men were checking everyone's online printed tickets.  We had no tickets.  We had no clue who was playing.  I told the bouncer that their website had no "events" listed for Saturday night.  The head door man said "that's because we sold out on Friday, so we took it off the website".  Oh....   OK.   "We'll go someplace else for dinner" I told DDF.  But my brilliant wife had the foresight to ask "who is playing?"

"Um... they're called...  ABC?"  the younger bouncer said.
DDF and I LOOKED at each other.
The older bouncer said "Is it just the two of you?   We could squeeze you in... you just have to pay the $30 entry fee"
"Honey, get your money out and pay the nice man" DDF said.

So we ate, we drank, we listened to 80s music for 3 hours, and we saw an ABC concert.  It was fun.  Then we danced until midnight, when DDF's feet started to hurt her, so we droe down the I-5 thirty minutes back home to the cocoon of South Orange County.   We found that we were two of the Most attractive, youngest, least morbidly obese, least ancient looking, straightest couples there.  It was a good concert, and Martin Fry is a great entertainer, and he looks alot better today than he did on "Bands Reunited" on VH1 10 years ago.  After the band left (to "go back to London Town tomorrow!" as Martin said), I asked one of the security guards next to the stage if it was ok to pick up the discarded drum sticks and play list...  and he handed them to me. (Promark 730s, wooden tips...  nice) Way better than an online link.

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