Sunday, October 26, 2014

Soplica Pigwowa - Quince Flavored Polish Vodka

Back in January, when I was visiting my company's main manufacturing plant, one of my colleagues from Warsaw was also there and he brought a bottle of Soplica Pigwowa to me, from his manager, to take back with me to my home in California.  There was a small ice storm at the time in the South Carolina Upstate, and the Poles and I had a good chuckle at how a 1/2 inch of snow and a tiny layer of ice made most South Carolinians paralyzed with fear and unable to come to work, but it was like a Spring Day in Warsaw or Chicago.

I thanked my colleagues, brought the bottle home, and then didn't open it for months.  When I finally did, the flavor took me for a loop - I mistakenly attributed it to cherry cough syrup and it made me wince.  About a month later, I had another sip, and I realized...  this wasn't cherry, it wasn't quite pear...  it was like a pear crossed with a raspberry.  The bottle sat around for months waiting to be blogged about... and DDF wanted to jettison the old bottles, so this is the first of several beverage posts this weekend.

When I googled the Soplica Pigwowa today, I came to realize it was Quince flavored, and now in hindsight, I appreciate it more.  It really was smooth drinking throughout the Spring and Summer.

Now, if I visit Warsaw next January, my dilemma is what to take the Poles?  I don't want to show up empty handed...


  1. Growing up we had a flowering quince in our yard. It never bore fruit, until one year, a single fruit started growing. My dad was super excited. Then, just as it was about ripe and ready to pick, the ancient German lady who lived behind us stole it.

  2. When I visit Warsaw early next year, I am going to tell that story to my Polish colleagues. I'm confident it will produce uproarious laughter.


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