Sunday, October 26, 2014

2 More Obscure Delicious Saints

Continuing my earlier theme that "a bad saint is hard to find" in French wine (here, and here), I present Saint Bris and Saint Cosme.  I'd never heard of either of these saints growing up in da Region of NW IN, but then again, I never drank a delicious French wine until I was in my 30s, so I had a somewhat sheltered up-bringing in many ways.

Saint Cosme is a 2012 Cotes-de-Rhone that went down well, with a slightly mineral finish.  DDF and I both enjoyed it - and she typically doesn't like Cote-de-Rhones.

The second saint in today's posting is Saint Bris.  Saint Bris was a white wine that I bought for DDF at Total Wine.  It was nicely dry, not sweet, crisp, very drinkable Sauvignon Blanc... I think we paid a whole $12 for it, and it was worth it.  I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good, affordable French white.

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