Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Martin Fry Loves Quarter Note Triplets

After reflecting about the ABC concert that DDF and I went to last weekend, I am convinced that Martin Fry is In Love with quarter note triplets.  Drummers (and other musicians) who know what quarter note triplets are, and who have studied and practiced rudiments when they were kids will "get it".  I am surprised that I had not noticed it previously:  

How to be a Mill-i-on-air-air-air-air-air-air-aire!  (with three quarter note triplets, followed by a down beat, on each syllable)

Be-Near-Me, Be Nea-Ear (two quarter note triplets)

Shoot that Poison Arrow into my haaaaarrrrr--art, shoot that poison arrow, [quarter-note-triplet]!!!

The Look for you In-For-Ma-tion (tri-po-let, Down beat), is The One Thing, the One Thing, that Still Holds True...  (consider each Capital letter as the quarter note triplet down beat).

My friend Tim Beitz once told me, 20 some years ago in Cincinnati  "it is impossible to listen to good reggae music without bobbing your head, mon"  ... and I found myself bobbing my head to quarter-note-triplets each time that Martin belted out a ly-ri-ic that focused strongly upon the quarter note triplet in nearly every ABC song.   After the concert, I realized it is ABC's signature sound.  The quarter note triplet.  Enjoy.

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