Sunday, October 26, 2014

California Made Quality

The outdoor patio furniture cushions that DDF and I had in Arizona did not do so well in the brutal Arizona UV punishment they received, and the fabric started disintegrating visibly when we moved to California in 2012.  The tops of the cushions were literally falling apart, and the outside fabric had embrittled, severely degraded.

So we went out looking for replacement cushions on Saturday afternoon.  Lowes & Home Depot had no selection and didn't want to sell cushions without also selling chairs.  California Patios had very minimal selection, BUT, the owner of the El Toro store referred us to Green Thumb nursery, just a block away.  We've always loved getting our plants & landscaping supplies at Green thumb, and I'd forgotten that they also have outdoor furniture.  When we got to Green Thumb, their Christmas display had usurped the outdoor furniture area.  But we asked a helpful Green Thumb worker who guided us back to the stock room where there were these lovely blue cushions.  They were not cheap - $75 each... when we had paid just $300 for the whole patio set back in 2007 when we bought it.  But they are Gold Crest, made in Ontario California, and are excellent quality.  The Amazon Bezos profit-makers DDF found online were $35, I am sure made in China, and would have probably lasted a year or two at most in the sun.

We think the new bright color is lovely, matches the pool (and the sky here in Southern California) and are a fitting upgrade for our backyard.  Come visit us, and we can brunch, have drinks, watch sunsets, or just sit around on the new cushions and watch the hummingbirds flying sorties all around us.

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